Keep 100% of your hard-earned commissions! Our startup guide helps Texas real estate agents break free of old-school brokerages.

Launch Your Own Brokerage

Wouldn't you love to keep 100% of your commissions and have the freedom to build your brand the way you see fit? If so, you're in agreement with thousands of other Texas real estate agents who have taken full control of their commission checks and left their old brokerages behind.

How is this possible? Fortunately, Texas law allows a non-broker to start their own brokerage. This means any real estate AGENT in Texas can strike out on their own!

Our free startup guide shows you every step of the process saving weeks of research time. We also provide estimated startup costs, expected completion time and more. Within a few days your new brokerage can be up and running!

The startup guide is also interactive, allowing you to mark completed tasks and visually track your progress. To gain access to your personalized guide, please complete the form below. (Only licensed Texas real estate agents are authorized to access this information.)

Texas Brokerage Options

Three low-cost brokerage options to meet the needs of any Texas real estate agent!

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